• Prezentace Rapidní vývoj RIA aplikací pomocí .NET technologií

    Petr Hošek a Augustin Šulc

    Máme za sebou prezentaci Rapidní vývoj RIA aplikací pomocí .NET technologií. Rádi bychom touto cestou poděkovali všem z Vás, kteří se jí zůčastnili, a věříme, že se nám podařilo ukázat něco nového, zajímavého a inspirativního. Vážíme si všech ohlasů a Vašeho hodnocení, pozitivního i negativního. Je pro nás velkou … more

  • Dialog box buttons guidelines

    by Augustin Šulc

    Based on this interesting discussion on ui.stackexchange and since our main target platform is Windows, our internal guidelines for dialog boxes shall be as follows: Buttons in the dialog box should be descriptive (ie. Save/Don’t save instead of Yes/No). Negative questions should be avoided. Check this example from MS Word: Buttons positive to the dialog box question (Do it, Yes, OK) should come first, then negative (Don’t do it, No, Cancel) buttons, and then Apply and Help would … more

  • E-mail protection on your site

    by Míša Hájková

    Let’s imagine following situation. You create new modern website and because you are looking for some feedback from your potential customers, your new e-mail address shouldn’t missed. But after some time, you receive first offer for some blue pills, and then next and next and… - and then you’re doing nothing else than deleting spam. That’s because your e-mails are not protected and can be easily harvested by specialized robots called spambots. What spambots do? … more


    Tags: Web

  • Právo v IT

    autor: Radovan Hrubý

    Vážení čtenáři blogu o trendech v IT založeném společností Baud. Předem bych rád poděkoval právě společnosti Baud za možnost přispívat na tento blog. Tuto možnost jsem jako právník nedostal pro své přesvědčivé programátorské výkony, ale pro svůj zájem o právo v IT jako takové a dále pro svou zkušenost s lidmi v IT se pohybujícími. … more

  • Batch downloading of Smashing Magazine desktop wallpapers

    by Augustin Šulc

    I am a great fan of Smashing Magazine, especially of its monthly Desktop Wallpaper Calendar. In combination with Windows 7’s feature of desktop background slide show, it brings a fresh air to my desktop. The problem is that downloading of all of the wallpapers one by one is not a lot of fun. Actually, it is boring and time consuming. And since we developers are quite lazy, I’ve made a simple tool that downloads all wallpapers of a specified size and type (with or … more


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  • Memory leak in Silvelright with INotifyDataErrorInfo

    by Augustin Šulc and Petr Jerman

    We are facing memory leaks in Silverlight with almost every application we make. Although some issues were fixed by Silverlight 4.0.50826.0, there is still one serious leak left. To reproduce the leak, you only need to create an object that implements INotifyDataErrorInfo interface and them bind any UI element (for example, a TextBlock) to it. When you refresh the object and notify the binding that the source has changed, something is still left in the memory. This problem is very … more

  • Parallel execution of multiple results in Caliburn Micro

    by Petr Hošek

    While working with Caliburn Micro, we have came up with the need for parallel execution of multiple results. This is especially useful for concurrent load of data from multiple sources (e.g. filter content). The framework itself contains only support for sequential execution represented by the SequentialResult class. Therefore, to add support for parallel execution, we have decided to implement our own ParallelResult class in the similar fashion. First of all, we had … more

  • Windows Live Writer and Orchard

    by Augustin Šulc

    As Petr already blogged, our new website and blog are powered by Orchard. We took it as an opportunity to evaluate it and make sure it will be possible to build some sites on top of it. So far, I am quite satisfied with Orchard. Although I am not a great fan of Microsoft Windows Live Essentails, Live Writer seemed like a potentially useful tool so I decided to give it a try. Live Writer setup for Orchard blog was seamless and it even downloaded our site theme properly. We encountered … more

  • Filtering with ComboBoxes in Silverlight business applications

    by Augustin Šulc

    We usually create applications that manage a database and some workflows over the data in it. Therefore, we often create many filtering controls. The most typical way is to use a combobox, fill it with choices and leave the first item blank so that if the blank item is selected, no filtering is applied. It is then pretty easy to create the query for data, because you can combine all filtering predicates as follows (for RIA services problem, see below): if (SelectedCustomerType != null) { … more

  • Customization of Silverlight application from web.config

    by Augustin Šulc

    We came across a situation when we needed to configure a Silverlight application through AppSettings in web.config. Since every Silverlight application runs on client, it cannot read the file directly. There was an idea to create a web service that would pass the configuration parameters to the Silverlight client, but this seemed as overkill to me. I came up with another solution. The core idea is: Set the parameters in the AppSettings node in web.config. Pass the parameters through the … more